A small gift … have fun at picking one

We had announced it … we wanted to give you a little present … now the time has come. 3 categories with 3 variants each. Pick your Filzwieser present until 28.02. ….

Are you interested I owing you own personalized and „analog“ Bullet Journal? … one of these 3 from Gerhard Filzwieser selected notebooks can be the basis for it …

No White

black pages and white pen … simply different…

Everything you can imagine is real

… exciting … it reacts to heat and changes color

The Happy Book

designed by the famous Stefan Sagmeister

Water  … our lifeblood … evertime reachable at your desk … a prctical bottle … plastic bottle (size A5 – 750 ml) … with Art print (©Gerhard Filzwieser)




Art pictures (© Gerhard Filzwieser) direct print on wood– 20×30 cm

Good vibrations in Roma



We wish you lots of joy with it!