Plastics specialists with heart and brain.

We see ourselves as solution finder in the field of plastics – with focus on added value for our clients – with view through their eyes and demonstrated daily.

Of course a lot turns around technology, but technology is not more than the means for the purpose. because finding a brilliant solutions is the focus of or being and thinking.

What do we bring with us?

  • Many years of experience (over 30) in plastic related product applications in many markets and application fields.
  • Extensive portfolio of technology-, machines and facilities in plastic technologies.
  • Detailed knowledge about material and process related abilities of thermoplastics.
  • Extensive expertise in the extrusion and packaging of plastic films
  • Teams with solution-finding skills , experienced in markets, technologies, logistics and innovation for the realization of products and technologies.
  • Long-standing experience in the development of businesses and applications.
  • New proven daily, strong pronounced and lived identity and value profile (Rethink plastics))
  • Employees with high preparedness for quick realization of projects with special temporal challenges.