A strong team

Mavericks, honest people, smart minds, cohesive people, idea finders, followers, sympathizers, anticipators, tinkerers, craftsmen, idealists, freethinkers, detail lovers, long-distance runners, nice people, amazing characters, meat and potatoes men, jesters, fine chaps, people of knowledge, implementers, Gaflenzer, cosmopolitans.

Gefestigte Persönlichkeiten, die mit Fleiß, Kreativität und Gemeinschaftssinn die “NEU DENKEN”-Philosophie leben – das ist das FILZWIESER-Team. Diese Frauen und Männer geben dem Unternehmen Kraft, sind sein Herz, seine Seele. Mit ihren individuellen Fähigkeiten und Stärken denken und schaffen sie Neues – Tag für Tag. Dafür gebührt ihnen höchster Respekt.

As important as our employees are also our customers, suppliers and business partner, who make new things possible through their trust and openness. All unite the awareness that there are things beyond our imagination. We just have to dare to see them.

Which concret abilities lead to an added value?

  • Deep digging into specific customer needs and a holistic understanding of solution requirements. (leave the beaten path of thought)
  • Realization of thoughtful solutions with a high customer use through usage of manifold material- and technology combination in the field of plastics.
  • Transfer and requirement-specific customization of proven solutions beyond the borders of branches and applications.
  • Market and customer-oriented development and realization of new plastic technical products, from the idea to series production.
  • Shaping of value-enhancing customer relations under considerations of new paradigms (value fibula)
  • Generation and selection of project inquiries with high added-value potential for customers and a high compatibility to own corporate identity 
  • Combination of intuitive procedures and established methods in product development and project realisation.
  • Shaping of successful business relations with big and small, innovation focused clients.