Automation engineering and toolshop

An own toolshop… not a naturalness anymore in injection molding companies. We believe however it is an crucial key factor to generate additional value. Our very own toolshop allows us, our customers and partners uppermost flexibility during a project – from the first idea, to conceptional phase and at last to the product.

As far as our capacity allows, we also gladly accept orders for wage tools.

Respect yourself, respect others and take responsibility for what you do.

Dalai Lama

Resources and skills

Tech Details
  • Interdisciplinary team of tool shop and injection molding technicians with cross-process knowledge in product development
  • Many years of expert knowledge in cost-optimized tool design
  • Modern-day machinery for the tool shop (5 Axis milling machine Multisensor measuring instrument, Wire and sink EDM)
  • 3D-construction and CAM reconciliation
Interior view of an injection molding tool for plastic reels
  • Prototypes and small series of metal and plastic
  • Conception and construction of project-related automation technology for production and assembly
  • 5 Axis milling machine Multisensor measuring instrument from ZEISS
  • Analysis of Workpiece- and process requirements (functionality, material, process, Quantity, tolerances, qualities,..) for the derivation of cost and process technically optimal tool concepts