Becoming part of the Filzwieser team

The possibilities to work at FILZWIESER are as versatile as the things that can be made out of plastics.
We look for people who… …know their values and who share our values. … desirel fullfill their role within the Filzwieser team … who like to think of the beaten tracks.
…and also peope like… … brave above-borders-thinker … native masterminds. …curious with-the-heart-thinker  

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Become part of the Filzwieser team.
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We always look forward to smart people.
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The Filzwieser Team – personalities with creativity, joy and a sense of community, who live the Filzwieser values every day: … joy in what we do is our basic entitlement. … we treat each and ourselves other mindful and appreciatively. … We face challanges and discuss things openly. Sometimes we get support from our coach. … with all this we focus deliberately on less and use shot ways toward the goal. The Filzwieser Values