Development & Service - At the beginning there's the idea

Working on development doesn’t always run linearly. Especially not, if you made it to claim being a leading solution provider with additional value in the field of injection molding technology. Results are discarded, taken up again, changed – and it’s often a new idea or trial that brings the desired result. To leave trodden trails of thought a mix of different skills and characters is necessary, a symbiosis of a lot of experience and unbiased approach – the Filzwieser team.

We work until we find the best solution for your concern. We ask ourselves many questions, often together with our customers:

Who writes stays.
  • Which requirements result from the application?
  • What needs to be written down in the functional spec?
  • Does a moldflow study need to be done beforehand?
  • What are the advantages of prototype tools?
  • Should additional expert opinions be obtained?
  • How can the realisation time be shortened?
  • Should the product be made of renewable raw material?
  • Can recycled material be used?
  • Where are future rationalisation potentials?
  • How can the mechanical properties be further optimised?
  • How can we ensure the narrow specification in serial production?

The correct answer to these and many more questions lead, combinde with heart and brain, the optimal solution

What man does not recognize from himself, he does not recognize.

Ludwig Feuerbach

We also gladly offer you our knowledge and experience as a service:

Open meeting room for more together with Industrietechnik Filzwieser

Engineering package

Working together, we develop a working concept with additional value. The basis for this is a coordination of the framework conditions. Then we start from the idea to serial readiness…


Bauteilkonstruktion und Materialverhalten durch virtuelle Simulation perfekt zueinander abstimmen. Höchste Qualität im Entwicklungsstatus erzielen.

Application example for injection molding technology

Rapid Prototyping

Based on the 3D Construction data of the construction part we realize a real prototype quickly. Through the prototype we can conduct Function checks and error detection in a very early stadium of product development.

Quality control with Zeiss

Tactile measurement

We offer a very precise measuring of parts, components or tools with our high precise 3D – multisensor measuring machine. This enables versatile and reliable free-form, positional and contour measurements

Injection molding tool - inside view

Tool acquisitions

You are embarrassed that your current supplier can no longer supply you? No problem!

We are happy to take over your tools and provide you with a professional service. Our toolmaking makes it fit for many more working hours.

Through our injection molding department, you have the guarantee to ensure the supply security of your company as quickly as possible