Developing, optimizing and producing of, exactly matching customer needs, extruded plastic foils.

Regardless of whether we develop and produce foils only individually for you, or if have used freely available products on the market which did not fulfill your technical requirements perfectly… Additional value appears almost always for you when we deal with your application and process related requirements.  

The application resulting from it are as manifold as the different foils. Those reach from conductive foils for SMD handling, dental foils for tooth regulation, foils for lining of oil tanks, deep-drawing foils for the automated handling of industry crystals ip to transparent PC foils for the production of deep-drawn tea lights – just to name some. 

You find more inforamtion and data sheets about our most used materials at the following links:

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Foil extrusion and packaging - Ressources and abilites

film role during packaing
  • Partnerships with raw material producers and machine manufacturers
  • Understanding and feeling of customer requirements regarding innovation potentials and generation of added value.
  • Development of new as foils as well as optimizing and modifying of existing foils with special abilities for special applications (e.g. scratch resistance, chemical resistance, transparency, colour, adhesive properties, thickness, conductivity, Carrier for special coating materials, thermal deformability, diffusion properties, dimensional stability, impact resitance, deepdrawing abilites, UV – resistance, printability, sublimation,…)
Pet-G foil during packaging - Industrietechnik Filzwieser
  • Extrusion of foil with a thickness of 0,1 mm up to 2,5 mm with a narrow tolerance field over the whole foil width
  • Production of customer specific foils
  • Pre-treatment (Corona) and conceal on different support materials (fleeces, decors, protection foils,…)
  • Assembling of foils (in- and offline) for speical customer requirements (narrow cuts, formats,…)
  • Carry out customer related quality tests with documentation
Different foils, all produced by Industrietechnik Filzwieser

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Sales and project management
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