ABS Foil

In our daily work it is often about tackling. More frequently the technical abilities of Polystyrene foil are not sufficient for special requirements.

Deep-Drawing 2.0 with ABS foil of Industiretechink Filzwieser

Sometime we talk, think and try a lot, until we found the best solution. We do not stop to puzzle, until everythink works. Our solution: ABS foil – deep-drawable foil.

Mono-foil made from ABS creates additional value, where the characteristic of polystyrene foil is not enough. For instance at complex packaging solutions for food, drugs or technical devices.

Whether dimension stability, impact strength, freedom of scope or good deep-drawing ability, the requirements of packaging foil are manifold. Mono-foil made of ABS can be used as medium for foil-back injection molding and perforated foil-parts.

Tell us about your project, and we think togehter until it suits.

Product detials

  • Excellent deep-drawing properties
  • Very good impact strentgh
  • Very good quality of finish
  • Available in natural color, white, black or any other color
  • Available in jumbo rolls or customized