Polyamid Foils

During the development of new products, it is sometimes very important to find a symbiosis between experience and an unbiased curiosity and approach. Thus, our own experience in the ski and snowboard industry (G-Vision, YPS-Ski) as well as the knowledge of renowned ski producers have influenced the development of our polyamide foils.

Polyamid foils for technical applications

Especially suitable for ski and snowboard surfaces our polyamide foils fulfill the requirements on scratch resistance, transparency, climate impact resistance as well as adhesion with different types of adhesive systems. Also in terms of design they leave nothing to desire: polyamide foils can be decorated with different printing methods (thermal transfer printing, digital and screen printing) and provided with mint designs.

Individual solutions for special requests!

Product detials

  • Highly transparent
  • Sublimation possible
  • Good UV resistance
  • Good cold dimensional stability
  • Corona or flame treatment for optimised printing and adhesion
  • Available in jumbo rolls or customised