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Polycarbonate is a many-sided and adaptable material and therefore base for many excellent solutions – Therefore it simply fits to us! For many years particularly in the area of the foil extruding Polycarbonate is well known for many different applications.

  • highly transparent products possible
  • Surface in both sides smooth, but also in one side smooth and other side grained surface available
  • highest quality for thermoforming applications
  • UV resistance
  • very good scratch resistance
  • good chemical resistance

The long experience of Filzwieser in the processing this type of plastic material and the continuous improvements of our solutions lead to high economic and technical added value for our customers.

Our films are available as mono film (one-layer film), also as a coextruded film. Here films can be produced with different material mating (PC, PS, ABS, PPT,..) as multi-layer. Maximum 3 layer with two different materials. Thereby we can produce customized solutions for the needs of our customers.

We also try to fulfill our customer demands according dimensions. Because of our different extruders we can offer different widths and thicknesses.

Width: depending on the thickness up to 950 mm (±2mm)
Thickness: approx. 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm (±5%)

Our demanding thick tolerance about the whole width can create a whole new range of possibilities for our customers.

Polycarbonate films offer the highest quality for a high number of applications. 

A main area of application is the thermoforming. Here we can look back at a long-standing experience in the production of carrier tape and therefore at the production of packaging material. However, there are even way more application areas. Here only a few examples:

  • rotation molds for chocolate products
  • different punched foil parts
  • container for wonderful luminous tea lights

In the area of the highly clear applications plastic films from Polycarbonate have set up as a glass substitute. Especially the high robustness and the shock-proof lead to clear advantages in the application. Filzwieser products can be delivered as roles, but also as a pallet goods.
The high temperature permanence in comparison to other thermoplastics leads to many other possible areas of application, as for example matrices for coating processes.

What’s our common added value in the area of the engineering? We offer customized material choice and the optimization of the set- and product parameters for the perfect vote for your requirements.

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