Plastic injection molded parts, films and coils / trays / Films for SMT components - Realize ideas and find solutions.

ay after day, the FILZWIESER team devotes itself to a thrilling topic: plastic. Whether as individual Injection molding parts and systems, foils or Reels, tapes and trays for SMD components, the applications are varied and almost unlimited.

The different abilities of ours Employees and nearly 30 years of project and technology experience empower us to look at tasks and solutions from different perspectives. We think in value creation partnerships. And always with you ... the view of the added value for our clients.

Spritzgussteile und Baugruppenmontage

We manufacture complex injection molded parts according to specific customer requirements.
injection molding parts and assembly


Developing, optimizing and producing of, exactly matching customer needs, extruded plastic foils.

Reels, trays and foils

Perfect packaging for electronic components