Reels, tapes and trays for SMD components

With over 25 years of experience in the production of tape and reel systems Filzwieser is one of the most experienced supplier in this field. We have a broad portfolio of SMD reels and can react very quickly to customer needs. Because of our internal toolshop we realize client specific products, according to all established norms. The usage of permanent antistatic materials carries the bill concerning the increasing ESD usage.
Filzwieser is one of the pioneers in Europe when it comes to development and production of foils for SMT tapes. Successively optimized on and on they met the steady increasing requirements of SMT packaging material. Sometimes there are reasons to not package SMD parts in tapes …. rather in injection molded trays. Filzwieser also offers a solution for this.

We think to much and feel to less.

Charlie Chaplin

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Produced in millions and established for many years – reels for SMD.
Plastic reels for SMD

Foil for tapes

Foils for tapes - Filzwieser, the leading provider in Europe.
Tapes for SMD

Plastic Trays

Ideal for high demands on component storage
Plastic Trays
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