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Good reasons for Filzwieser

At Filzwieser we always aim on making the most out of raw materials. This contains also looking for new ranges of application for high quality plastics. For example, to develop solutions which offer better performance and flexibility with less weight. The globally active company DOKA developed an innovative shattering system made of aluminum and asked Filzwieser to find a solution for a quick, efficient and safe connection between the single parts.

Better material for better performance

We found the best material. The requirements of DOKA concerning a worldwide applicability and different weather conditions were met.

Well-engineered technologies for new markets

In addition, we made a mark through the automatization of the tool. We developed a solution in which the metal bolt is automatically integrated in the tool, during the injection molding process, where it is directly coated. Because of the right material selection and the innovative production process we delivered a solution to DOKA, which supports flexibility, security and multiple usages.

Industrietechnik Filzwieser. Rethink plastics.


Logo Fixing Group

You require. We develop / realize ideas

The Austrian company FIXING GROUP produces high-quality fixing tools for terraces and fronts. For the development, respectively the realization of their project ideas they contacted Filzwieser and involved our injection molding experts already in the development phase.

The persons in charge of FIXING GROUP drafted their idea and came with their first design to Gaflenz. Industrietechnik Filzwieser realized the construction of the already very well contrived system. Also Filzwieser showed their expertise at the optimal choice of raw material, both products are UV resistant and weatherproof. After prototyping and the tests which go along with it, optimization readiness for start of production was carried out. HELPO and SUPRO came out. HELPO is an accurate assembling ad which supports a fix distance between the gaps, through its precise holes. SUPRO is an innovative usable connection system for terrace tiles, which can be used without screws to connect with the floorboard.


Hagleitner Hygiene

References Hagleitner Hygiene

The hygiene specialist Hagleitner let Filzwieser rethink plastic

everything came different than thought.

The company is an innovative company in the field of professional hygiene, located in Zell am See (Austria). In the course of product development they turned to Filzwieser.

First it was only a request for a new injection molding tool: Tools, construction and the development of an automatized assembly came out in the end.

At the beginning they only needed an offer for the necessary tools, Filzwieser tried to get to the bottom of it and found out, that we could provide an additional benefit with a fully automated construction solution for the injection molding modules. Through the automated construction at Filzwieser Hagleitner can rely on high quality, pre-assembled and ready to use parts. We improved the production process at Hagleitner without any major cuts in their value creation and Hagleitner decreased their working steps in the final assembly with a constant quality, guaranteed by Filzwieser.

Rethink value creation

Through the industrial realization of the new design by Hagleitner a new product was developed with an additional benefit for all stakeholders. The user saves money through a reduced usage of cleaning agents and brought a better market position for the company. Through the recognition of the demand Filzwieser could be a fair partner in the value chain and reached a long living customer relation.

Project details:

  • Engineering and project management
  • Development of tools
  • Development and realization of automated construction
  • Production of injection molding components and fully automatic assembly


References Swarovski

Foil for crystals

The long-established Austrian company Swarovski, famous for its unique products made out of sanded crystals, relies on foil from Filzwieser within its finishing process. Filzwieser delivers the prefabricated foil which fits seamless in the production process of Swarovski. The foil protects the crystals during the final finishing.