Conveyor technology

the Flow

Conveyor technology from FILZWIESER is in use worldwide. Because we do not just supply high-quality plastic components, but sophisticated project management: From the development and production of injection molding tools, assembly automation, the manufacture of plastic elements to assembly. We offer maximum reliability and wear resistance, standard or special elements, special material selection, intelligent 2-C production also for small quantities. Always involved in a customized logistics concept. Everything flows.

Design elements

Films for crystals in first class quality

The traditional Austrian company Swarovski, known for its unique products made from polished crystal glass, relies on Filzwieser films during the refining process. Filzwieser supplies the prefabricated film, which can be seamlessly integrated into the Swarovski process. There, the film protects the crystals during final refining steps. 

Design elements

Increase well-being - save resources

Trough the replacement of aluminum by plastic in tealights, Cup Candle GmbH makes a positive contribution to the life cycle assessment. An innovative idea with the aim to increase the luminosity and the well-being with absolute security, whereby the environmental awareness was never lost sight of.

Fastening technology

If you wish, we will act /
realising ideas

The Austrian company Fixinggroup produces high-quality fixing systems for terraces and facades. For the development or the realization of their product ideas, Fixinggroup contacted the inventors of Filzwieser and involved the injection molding experts of Gaflenz already in the development.

The responsible persons of Fixinggroup sketched their product idea and came to Gaflenz with their first draft. Filzwieser has taken over the construction of the sophisticated system, realized the idea. In addition, Filzwieser was able to convince with expertise in terms of optimal material selection, both products are UV-resistant and very weather-resistant. After prototype production and the associated tests, optimization took place right up to the finished serial part.

Building industry

The material brings the lead – top performance in building industry

If you want to go high, you have to perform. Less weight results in more power and flexibility. Not only in sports, but also in construction. And often it is the material that brings the decisive advantage. At FILZWIESER we strive to get the most out of our material.

Better material for stronger performance. Sophisticated technologies for new markets. Rethink plastic.

Sports equipment

Safety through precision

For skiing to be the most beautiful experience you can imagine, you need perfect equipment. For this, the company Head / Tyrolia relies on more than 90 years of research and development work and also on film products made by Filzwieser. These convince during processing. They can be printed impeccably and then punched out. Safety on the slopes and in production.

Electrical engineering

Tackle, wrap up

Electrical engineering is a sensitive topic. That's why we take it very seriously and have always found a way in the many years of development work to realize the right plastic solution.

Filzwieser uses a wide variety of technologies for the manufacture of electronic housing parts and special transport solutions.