HOT Reels

Plastic reels -
What they are capable of!

REELS for SMD, As far as the eye is concerned

Small blister tape with cover

Reels are the bnest packaing for sensitive and
small format electronic components

1-part reels: Ø 180 and 330 mm
2-parts reels: Ø 330 and 380 mm
3-part reels: Ø 330, 360, 390, 560 and 640 mm
Widths from 8 to 120 mm
According to the standards IEC 286 and EIAJ
Most of our reels are standard antistatic (10 up to the 11th).
On demand also available in conductive version (10 up to the 4th)

Our standard reels do not fit your needs? … You have very individuell conditions? … contact us, we will find an individual solution for you!

Reels for rolling up celluloid? That’s all past now. Digitalisation has completely changed the film business.
Nevertheless the electronic industry cannot do without reels.

Reels for SMT

For 25 years plastic reels made by Filzwieser have been used as packaging for sensitive and small electronic components. Due to precision our reels allow high assembly speed and further profitability.
in ihren Assemblierungsprozessen

This is our contribution to precision and
profitability in your production.

Reels produced in millions and established for many years.

Fast:         Easy assembly for accelerated
                       logistic processes.
Variable:       Flanges and cores are freely combinable for a huge variety of different widths.
Individual:    Customised versions available
Sustainable:   Made of varietal post-consumer recycling material.
Optimised:     Many clever details provide stability and save costs and material
                       sparen Kosten und Material.


Unterschiedliche SMD Spulen, hergestellt von Industrietechnik Filzwieser


• Zwei zusätzliche runde Schnapp-Haken gegen unbeabsichtigtes Öffnen der Spule
Carriertape lining 3,5 mm on each side
Low transportation and storage volume due to V-shaped core
• Montagefreundlich gerundete Kanten an Sprossen und Außenkante


Flanges and cores can be stored in carton boxes with minimum space requirements. They can be assembled very easily in only a few handling steps.
wenigen Handgriffen sehr schnell zu einer kompletten Spule  für Bauteile zusammengebaut werden.

With this system our consumers can respond flexibly to the continuous change in demands regarding reel widths.


Storage: lying in carton box
during storage: – 30 °C to +40 °C
Temperature during processing: +15 °C to +40 °C
Humidity: 30 % to 60 % 

Duration of storage
antistatic version: 6 months
non-conductive versions: 24 months

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Jan Hornbachner

Sales and project management
Telefon: +43 7353 265 45